Our little Family

Our little Family
Our Little Family

Thursday, November 11, 2010

live your life

Alright, a little explanation of my blog title.  I have always been the epitomy of the oldest child.  I love taking care of people, especially my family.  Sometimes I am torn to do things, because I have this pull from them which I have created.  Hey, what can I say, I just like them A LOT! 
My dad and I always loved to go biking together.  It was our thing, and whenever I was home, he would always try to make time to go with me.  It was our time together, and we could talk about anything and everything.  Actually, at my dad's funeral, my speech was on this very story.  I had titled it, "Bike Rides of Wisdom."  On our very last ride together before I moved to Georgia, my dad and I were discussing the big move.  I was telling him how I was so excited and that I loved adventure, but I was just going to miss all of them so much.  He responded, "We are going to miss you too, but at the same time, we are always here, and we want you to 'live your life'."  He assurred me again that he felt I had so much potential and nothing would make him happier then if I would live my life to the fullest.  This conversation sticks in my head clear as day.
The loss of my father is huge for my entire family and all who knew him.  It is hard sometimes to enjoy things and get excited about upcoming events like Thanksgiving and Christmas, which are just around the corner.  There is just going to be such a big hole, since he will not be there.  While it is of course going to be hard, nothing would be more upsetting to him if we did not live our lives.  He wants us to have fun and enjoy things, and I am sure he is much happier looking down at us laughing then crying.  It will be a struggle, but my goal is to try my best to live my life with the same energy and happiness my dad always did.
So, as I reminder, I decided to get a tattoo which read just that.  When I look down at it, it reminds me of my dad and his words of wisdom.  It gives me a sence of power and a feel that he is always walking with me giving me encouragement and strength.  Love you dad and thank you for always having loved me so much in return!

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