Our little Family

Our little Family
Our Little Family

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Life can really take you for some BEYOND unexpected turns, and this year we had a very painful and tough to swallow incident.  On September 16th, one of the men I admire most in my life, died in a tragic car accident, MY DAD.  This event has rocked my family's world!!!  OK, I understand that there are a lot of close families, but we are one of those families that is labeled emeshed.  We are each others best friends, and our family unit means the world to us, and suddenly it has been shattered with the big loss of someone so important to our cirlce.  My dad was one of those people that people just loved to be around.  He took his time for everyone and anyone and had a real zest for life.  Full of laughter, positivity and energy, he took things on with full force.  His loss is one that has been hard to bear.  How can someone with so much still to give be suddenly taken away?  I just keep telling myself it can't be true.  It just can't!  But each day, there is no phone call, nor is there anyway to get a hold of him.  I just absolutely hate it! 
His funeral was one of celebration.  One could certainly tell the impact he had made on people by the 700 plus people that attended his funeral.  Quite a statement!  I just feel like that entire week was a blurr, and did it really happen?  I am not faced with the realization every single day being across the country in Georgia.  I am not on the dairy not seeing him fly from one thing to the next.  I don't see him not having his coffee breaks, or that his hat is not left on the floor.  These things are going to hit me HARD when I go home again for the Holidays.  I am almost nervous by how it is all going to make the wave of terrible feelings return (not that they aren't here in GA) and make it feel like it just happened again.  Whenever I have gotten home in the past, be that from school, college or my bay area home, one of the first things I would do is go look for him on the dairy, but in December, he will be no where to be found.  This is just so painful and a dread it!  Dad we are all missing you TOOOO much!!!!  Why did you have to leave?


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  1. Love all the pictures of you and your dad. My heart aches for you and the tough times you will face this coming holiday season, but you will persevere through it because of the strong woman he raised you to be.